Pioneers of Taste.
Texture. Nutrition.
Motif FoodWorks is using science to make better plant-based foods.

We do things differently—analyzing across scientific disciplines, and pioneering new approaches that produce ground-breaking food innovations in record time.

A holistic approach that adds up to delicious

As a food technology company, our goal is to unleash the promise of plant-based foods, making them better tasting, more nutritious and so flat-out fantastic that people won’t just accept them, they’ll actually crave them. We start by acknowledging that “crave-factor” isn’t just about what your tongue is tasting. It’s texture, color, aroma, and even the way food breaks down and changes as you chew it. In other words, it’s a complex interplay of all the senses. By using science to better understand the sensory experiences that add up to enjoying food, we can create game-changing plant-based foods and ingredients that people love more than ever.

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